Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy is currently one of the leading renewable energies and it is growing and developing fast. The photovoltaic effect consists of the transformation of incident light photons that reach semiconducting materials, into electric power. ENERGÍA ERCAM designs and develops modern and innovative solutions in the field of PV solar energy.

Ercam´s solar tracking control system calculates the position of the sun, solar altitude and azimuth, as a function of the day, the solar time and the latitude. It also includes a "backtracking" feature in order to prevent self-shading between PV modules and between tracker rows. This feature maximizes the performance of the installation compared to other tracking systems.

ERCAM develops three main business lines: 1) Exclusive distributor of the mini-hydraulic product, brand OSSBERGER for Spain. 2) Development and operation of mini-hydraulic plants in various business areas. 3) Technical Consulting in engineering services for mini-hydraulic plants.

Ercam builds solar parks in Romania


Ercam is building two solar parks in Romania, Remetea I and II of 1.1 MW each, and is ready to start construction of a much larger plant, 35MW, in Lazarea. When connected to the grid the Remetea plants will produce energy to supply 250 homes each while Lazarea could feed 8000 houses.



ERCAM has initiated delivery of major components of solar trackers, manufactured in its recently-built South African manufacturing facility. More than 40 people, most of them locals, are employed at the Cape Town plant.


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