Ercam completes construction of Kathu solar power plant (South Africa)

The construction of Kathu solar plant is coming to end (just Performance Ratio remaning) as a result of almost a year and a hlf of work by Energía Ercam.

This solar plant is the largest one ever built by Ercam. It has a capacity of 82 MW of power, as a comparision it is  approximately six times bigger than “La Robla” solar plant (the bigger one built by Ercam in Spain).


Ercam builds solar parks in Romania


Ercam is building two solar parks in Romania, Remetea I and II of 1.1 MW each, and is ready to start construction of a much larger plant, 35MW, in Lazarea.When connected to the grid the Remetea plants will produce energy to supply 250 homes each while Lazarea could feed 8000 houses.



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